This page is really about my personal interests. My professional information is on my LinkedIn profile.

I was a teenage hobby programmer.

During my doctorate in bioinformatics (using computers to analyse protein structure data), my lab was at the forefront of collaboration over the Internet. That's how I came across the web. When I put some of the bioinformatics software I'd written to produce my results online to share with other researchers, the makers of then-dominant browser Mosaic included it in their bulletin to all users. The website I made from my PhD research is still online.

This democratic new medium excited me and I switched careers to digital media.

That career has taken me through being webmaster for a Financial Times company, running my own business, and into the BBC where I have served as game designer, radio producer, and digital producer and project manager - running the BBC Internet Blog, for example.

I have also produced a niche podcast and radio show broadcast on London art radio station Resonance FM. I've interviewed Members of Parliament and globally known poets and philosophers. I took a sabbatical to crowdfund, research, and produced a narrative history of vegetarianism.

There's some gaming stuff here. Over the years, I have created websites for storytelling games I have run, as well as some supporting vignettes and optional rules, but it was easier to put the latest, Vampires and Veggieburgers on gaming social media.