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Dalek Figurines, by Kaptain Kobold


Resources for Role Playing Doctor Who

Who-RPG was a mailing list that discussed roleplaying in the universe portrayed by the British science-fiction programme "Doctor Who". It ran for ten years from April 1995. We shared our experiences of what works and what doesn't, and things we've created to, hopefully, make our games more fun and save us time putting them together.

What's New

Marcus Rowlands early Time Lord adventure, "Curse of the Conqueror" is up. So is the Allen Shock's Conspiracy X conversion. And did I mention that the BBC have licensed someone to do a full-on glossy Doctor Who RPG?

Who-RPG Mailing List

The list petered out, and no-one mourned it when the server got shut down. That happens sometimes. Phoenyx still offers many online services to roleplayers, and roleplayers can acccess the systems below:

  • Phoenyx.net online roleplaying community
  • Archives of Who-RPG Digests at <www.phoenyx.net> (yes, also lost)

Previously, the list was at lists.pipex.net, and at uel.ac.uk. If anyone can provide me a link to the archives (which have moved and had been lost before), I would be grateful. I'm hoping to get the Phoenyx archives back.

There are now several lists for playing (rather than talking about playing) Who-RPG by email, and people wanting to start games are pointed towards Phoenyx. There used to be list specifically for gaming by email (who-game), but it made more sense for people to start up their own list for each game.

Stuff for Role-Playing

Here are some things contributed by members of the Who-RPG list or found on the interenet. Most, but not all, of it is stored at the same site as this page.Unless otherwise mentioned, files are in plain text. If you have written an online supplement for playing in the "Whoniverse" yourself, or know someone who has, please let us know about it.


Who-RPG FAQL * (listing commercial and online Dr. Who games)

Time Lord

FASA's Doctor Who RPG

Other Doctor Who RPGs

Generic Adventure Outlines

Adapting Other Systems

Timelines and References

Not created with roleplaying in mind, but very very useful. As well as Lance Parkin's book, "A History of the Universe".

Communities and Finding Games

If you're looking to roleplay in the Whoniverse online, try ...

Key: '*' = stored here, '@' = external link.

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